Aga Wood Stoves

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I was inspired to make this one because I’m reading a book called “Transition handbook” which is all about preparing for a post peek-oil situation. It’s so interesting that I’m into it fully lately 🙂 I’d also recommend everyone to read it and DO something about it in their lives. There’s also a lot of information in google 😉

10 cms high



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These just came out of the wood oven…yummy…

Bread size is 3 cms long


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Fairies just LOVE playing domino.

Fairy Bowling

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This bowling set is for the Fairy Outdoor Entertainment Items Collection 🙂

Bowling set (bottles are 2 cm high)

Bowling set (bottles are 2 cm high)

Fairy Swings

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For the Fairy Playground Collection



Larder & WC sign

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Oh yes, the fairies make reserves too; some thyme, some sage and some cumin seeds!



Utensils Shelf at the Restaurant

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I bet you can recognize this one!? Well, now it’s part of the Restaurant 🙂

Utensils Shelf

Utensils Shelf