Gypsy Faerie Caravan


Faerie Caravan
Faerie Caravan

Have you heard of sub-personalities? Sub-personalities are aspects of our personality that remain hidden, making us feel incomplete, but also we can see them as potentials of our personalities yet to be manifested. Sometimes it is useful to be an artist, as you can somehow start to manifest ideas, visions or intuitions into paper first and other media and then work it out in your life if that is what you want. One cool thing about making faerie stuff is, I can go as far as I want in my imagination, even create in miniature but still in the real world, that for me seems impossible to create in human size, like this Gypsy Caravan. Also, now that you know a bit more about sub-personalities, I’ll tell you that a Gypsy Faerie would be one strong sub-personality of mine, and that to own a caravan, travel the world, and make a living by selling crafty things made by me is one yet to be manifested aspect of my personality. But I’ll tell you what, this doesn’t seem that impossible for me to realize… I’ve travelled the world and have a pioneering spirit (I have even been volunteering in a Greenpeace boat twice!), I sold crafty things, and about the caravan, well… the caravan, here it is. 😀

And who knows, I still have time to realize the owning of a real one 😉

~ by soulportrait on May 3, 2009.

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