Bard’s Corner

Faerie Guitar
Faerie Guitar

Mellow wood

quiet water

sparkle of nature

lungs of the green

heart of the beasts.


But in the edge,

In the edge of the trees,

I have an unmistakably feeling

A distrustful taste

if I go out of myself.


Then it tastes bitter,

sounds creaky,

looks like burned,

smells rancid,

and I can’t get in touch with it.


‘Cause I’ve chosen to love this world,

to caress the land,

to feel the wood,

to let the flowers

and the children grow,

and I’ve chosen to be me

with the world.


The beasts have told me

I have to stay in the folliage,

So I can taste beauty,

I can listen to the Universe,

I can look to your soul,

and smell our roses.

Poem by Mika (2004)

~ by soulportrait on February 2, 2009.

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  1. Is so wonderful!!!

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