Fairy House or Roller Coaster?

View from below

This is the Astronomer’s Lab, seen from below, and as soon as I loaded the picture in my computer from my digital camera, seeing it the size of my screen, I had some vertigo! 😛 Then, when I showed it to my mum she said: “Mika, this is not a fairy house, it’s a roller coaster!”  I thought; “Ahhhh! That’s why the vertigo! LOL” Also, it looks like so much higher than it is really. The house is about 60 cms high, but in the pic, or even if you put your face on the 1st floor and looking up to the top, it really looks like it reaches the sky. Now, if I were just small enough to fit in this house, I would be stargazing on the roof every night!

~ by soulportrait on January 2, 2009.

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