A Starry Night Sky

Fairy Telescope
Fairy Telescope/ 6 cms high



Did you know that a 99% of people that live in Western Europe and USA always have the starry night sky totally or partially occult? Well, that’s because of the urban light contamination. Scientists in the USA have stated that a 10% of the worldwide population have an atrophied vision of the night sky and its stars. The subject is serious. Light contamination is also a cause for our high consumption of energy but according the Starlight Initiative (listed in my links), the conservation of our starry night sky vision is also a spiritual right to preserve for the next generations. So, if you have kids, please remember to take them where they can see the stars every so often to not let them forget that they are part of a bigger context than their cities, that there is a Universe outside, full of wonder and mystery that embraces them.



~ by soulportrait on December 30, 2008.

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