I’m an Eisteddfod Winner!

“Eisteddfod is an annual assembly of Welsh poets and musicians. The National Eisteddfod of Wales was established in 1860 and is held annually in the first week of August at sites alternating between North and South Wales. The origin of the Eisteddfod can be traced to as early as 1176 and the idea of Bardic competitions probably dates much earlier. The word loosely translates “to be seated”, referring perhaps to both the performers and the audience.

A major goal of the Bardic grade in OBOD is the development of creative talents. Whether creating poems, paintings, music, singing songs or planting a garden, most of us believe the creative process underlies spiritual development. “ –OBOD website

After three years being at OBOD I’m entering the Druid grade now J and this is quite a successful achievement in my life but also in the dimension of art, I’ve been recognized in the Order with a Golden Harp! I have to say it! I won the Crafts section of the Eisteddfod competition with the FAERIE PUB!

Here’s what I get in my profile now …  yeepee!

Eisteddfod Winner's Gold Harp

~ by soulportrait on December 4, 2008.

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