Professor Bluebell’s Home

Here is a selection of more details you probably didn’t notice in other pictures 🙂

This is Professor Bluebell’s Home (Upstairs in the School). The hammock is made with a piece of bark and two pieces of string that I tied on the upper branch. Notice the detail of the frame; this is handcrafted by me, and in the picture, his son, who studied also in his class 😀 On the bedside cabinet there is a clock (that I bought in a dollhouse furniture shop) and all the green knitted stuff is my mum’s creations!

Professor Bluebell's Home

Professor Bluebell

 Now here is the sign that hangs out of the class.

The hanging sign

The hanging sign

 And the last image today is about the class itself.

For small and grown ups

For small and grown ups


~ by soulportrait on November 24, 2008.

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