Summer House Close-ups

While I’m still on the construction process of my latest faerie house, I thought I might share some close ups with details that you can’t see very well in the pictures I published previously in this blog. Things like the little faerie lamps or like the japanese brush that I already posted. Maybe some of you, who I know do faerie stuff, will be inspired by these. This is the summer bench of the summer house 🙂

Summer Bench

Summer Bench

 Do you remember “Where is Wally?” It was a book for children where in each page you’d have a scene crammed with different things and people. The goal was to find Wally, who was a boy with a red and white striped shirt and glasses. MY Wally is a snail, and when I finished the Summer House, I placed it somewhere, and I asked my mum to find it. Next day, I moved it somewhere else in the house, and I asked again my mum to find it. Believe me, it’s a kind of interactive thing to do, a funny way to give faerie houses a use, LOL!





~ by soulportrait on November 17, 2008.

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