A Zen Story

Art Class at the Faerie School
Art Class at the Faerie School

(Picture: Japanese brush for faeries!)

I’m in the middle of my Psychosynthesis Certificate with Will Parfitt (see Blogroll), and in one exercise I had to write a story about giving and receiving good advice. So here it is:

“A buddhist disciple was visualizing his dream garden. He was the gardener of the temple and had been asked to design and start a garden for meditation. He really put an effort to it so that his visualized garden was everything he could dream of. Then he told the master about it. The master said : It´s good to visualize your garden first.The disciple got very excited and started to talk about all his future plans.

But the master with a serious look on his face replied : The doing part requires some more grounding and overcoming of unexpected complications. It´s good to be happy about one´s dream but it´s also good to enjoy the moment and value the complications.

The disciple didn´t like this feedback and walked away without much interest in the master´s advice. Next day he woke up very early and went to see the place where the garden was planned, and started doing his job. All day he dreamt about the future and felt very proud about himself.

He went to bed at night and the next morning he went to work again. And discovered to his horror that the place had been completely dug up during the night by some wild animals.

He got very angry about it, threw his hands up to the sky, and left the garden.

That is just when the master came strolling around and told him : So? You are already giving up ?

The disciple said : Yes. That is not what I dreamt.

The master said: I´ll give you a good advice. Keep your dream in mind as a possibility but do what is really needed, and don´t have any expectations of how the end result must look like.

Then you will achieve.”


~ by soulportrait on November 3, 2008.

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