What faeries are to me

Summer House

Summer House

Many people give many different interpretations of what faeries are to them and so I also have my own. To me, faeries represent fragments of our identity that are lost between soul and earth. An ecological identity that, because it is not recognized or integrated in our psyche or is disconnected, faeries become a semi detached mythical creature, as an alienated symbol, a representation or a metaphor that many people don’t recognize yet as a potentially functional archetype of our personalities, and so it is projected as separated from us. Faeries become “real”, when we accept that this fragment of our souls need to be in contact with the trees, the ferns and the moss again. They become essential to our process of restoring ecological sanity within us. So to me, faeries are not only a “product” of our imagination, but fragments of light scattered in the most beautiful landscapes of the soul.



~ by soulportrait on October 22, 2008.

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