The Little Forest School

Full view of the school

Full view of the school

While walking down the woodland valley where I live, I found out where faeries get some of their knowledge… Well, here might be an answer… I must say I thought faeries know everything through living experience, but I didn’t have any idea that sometimes they go to school too. The youngest faeries learn some mathematics while in the same class, older faeries learn the atomic composition of leaves. Teenager faeries are sent by their parents to learn “The Declaration of Earth Rights” (they take this subject very seriously.) Faeries love going to school, because they really enjoy learning new things they didn’t know before. And here, at the Little Forest, they don’t just learn all kind of things, but they learn how to learn. It looks an ideal school to me!


~ by soulportrait on October 19, 2008.

One Response to “The Little Forest School”

  1. Tes maisons de fées sont vraiment très belles!
    Si tu veux apprendre à faire des miniatures alimentaires, je te conseille vivement le forum (gratuit) de, ainsi que leurs tutoriaux 😉


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