Landscapes of the Wyrd

•April 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

Inspired by Brian Froud

 Acrylic painting on wooden kitchen cupboard

 inspired by Brian Froud’s art.

OOAK Fairy Doll “Chiqui”

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I’m exploring the world of “One Of a Kind Doll” and made this one to get started. It is made of recycled t-shirt bits. My godfather’s son, Jon, wants to call her “Chiqui” which means in spanish “little one”, so here’s Cheeky Chiqui posing for you 😉

Fairy Pot

•January 6, 2010 • 1 Comment


The plant is a real one!

Fairy Snooker Table

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I’m working on a Fairy Play Hall, and this is one of the first items I made for it. There will be more items published soon here.

Snooker ball is 0.5 cms

Fairy Paint Set

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Size of paint tubes: 1cm


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Detail of the saucepan.

More Fairy Bread

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More bread 😀

4 cms long

Aga Wood Stoves

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I was inspired to make this one because I’m reading a book called “Transition handbook” which is all about preparing for a post peek-oil situation. It’s so interesting that I’m into it fully lately 🙂 I’d also recommend everyone to read it and DO something about it in their lives. There’s also a lot of information in google 😉

10 cms high


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These just came out of the wood oven…yummy…

Bread size is 3 cms long


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Fairies just LOVE playing domino.